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#11851 eXtinction™ - Recruiting for new Serv.

Posted by scorpionito on 10 April 2018 - 10:10 AM

Yo fellas,


going to play Karus side again, feel free to PM DenZel ingame and join,

English speaking and have some fun



guess count me in

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Posted by Mysha on 08 March 2018 - 09:29 AM

Hello everyone , Welcome to our community 


Any character will start at level 67 , Kill a worm then u'll be 68 

To get 70 all u need is those 2 quest ill show next..


KNIGHT LETTER QUEST  / Advisor Piana or Breth 

Collect those letters from normal mobs at Colony Zone 

U'll be able to found the drops at Drop list - > https://xigenon.knig...ko.net/droplist


K - Beast 

T  - Apostle 

N - Baron 

I - Carinal

G - Deruvish 

H - Troll 


Next would be Bravery quest / Royal Guard Piana or Breth 

U'll have to kill Either Elmorad or Karus Elite guards at Colony zone 

They'll be droping a collectable item called " Karus blood " or " Elmorad blood"  50 of those 

That will take you 15 min then ur good to go.


Just take a look at drop and Exangue quest  , You also will be able to do more quest around , Press that Q close your health bar to see wich quest are around , I'll recommend you to do  those that giv'es you scrolls , U've got scrolls at sundries by the quantity of 20 each stack for a fixd price. 

U'll be also able to get 5 ac and 5 hp scrolls at Forgotten temple wich is a 3x daily event. 


Then u'll have to farm for your master , depending on your class i'll recomend you to make an alter account or ask help  for your quest items.


As warrior ur able to solo Stone golems sliding it at first to get some chitins and +3 fps 

You have got a free starter wepaon plus a Free starter weapon at Power up Store 


Juwels are droping from bloodon's at bowl pretty good at +7's , Ur able to take to +12  ;  so they give you also HP that's a really good start mean you while those ques uniques they shall ben added 

Well next be jex ts get your master items , mostly people will help you out at moradon with what ever or just pm any HateOnUs / United clan they are nice. 

So u'll be farming all your 60/62/70 then u'll be ready to go. 

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#11628 Lvl 70 Event

Posted by Yuye on 17 December 2017 - 03:52 AM

Gz yann

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